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Endless Possibilities

Graduate to Professional  Transition with Soft Skills

Congratulations on reaching an important milestone of your life, being a Graduate!!! Now that you have passed out with flying colors, your next goal would be your

Dream Job

There are multiple ways that can help you onboard your dream job

 1. Campus Placement

 2. Internship 

 3. Referral

 4. Mentor Guidance 

85% of one's success at the work place is attributed to

Soft Skills

and only 15% to Technical Skills 

- Harvard Study 

Soft skill is learnable over a period of time with day to day practice. However, it is effective when you work it out in a group than as an individual. We can help find the crowd to practice and get comfortable with strangers so that it becomes a cake walk at your work environment. This can help you climb your professional ladder and grow exponentially.  With us, you could develop

  • Communication Skill

    • Reading​

    • Listening

    • Speaking

  • ​Critical Thinking Skill​

  • Logical Reasoning Skill

  • Problem Solving Skill

  • Networking Skill

  • Time Management Skill

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Body Language Analysis

  • Story Telling Skill

Collage veltech.jpg

Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College

Workshop with case study

Prince Final Collage.jpg

Prince Shri Venkateshwara Padmavathy Engineering College

How IT work Interactive Seminar


Tagore Engineering College

Career Readiness Workshop


We do not teach. We try to bring the change in you by you. You are the best person to sort yourself out. We are here to help you achieve it. You can try it yourself right away by following the below steps. Feel free to reach out to us when you need help. Fill out the Contact Us form below. 


Do a self analysis and write down  your strengths and weakness 


Sort the innate, versatile and area of improvement sections based on the analysis


Gather yourself and face the first person to get comfortable with, YOU!


You can only grow as a community. Break your shell, network to explore the real YOU


When you see others talk, you tend to talk too. That's it and there you are. Find your niche and purpose.


Insecurity --> Plan --> Practice. You don't have to be perfect but with consistency, you will outgrow the previous YOU! 


What Our Happy
Students Say

“This program is amazing as they start teaching from scratch and concepts are explained clearly. They do not do it for us. They make us do it and this helped me grow in my career.”

- Greatta


About Us


Hello there!!!

We have been providing guidance and mentorship to students and new graduates looking for work in the IT industry in the area of Soft skills. Hard skills are learnt whereas soft skills are acquired. 

If you are clueless and not sure where to start we can show you the doors to various opportunities available in IT industry and connect you with mentors who can help you draw a roadmap to start and progress.

Our mantra is "Keep it Simple".

  1. Plan of action to achieve your goal

  2. Everyday assignments to gain experience

  3. Regular assessments to access your level of knowledge

  4. Review sessions to enhance performance

  5. Mock interviews to gain confidence.

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